Our mission is to offer to our worldwide customers the most natural, healthy and tasty beef, goat and mutton meat at industrial level by using the latest tecnology and under the more strict health certifications.





Achieve a liedership and a key position in the frozen beef, goat and mutton meat supply in Europe adapting our productions lines to the market needs.




. Commitment : the 40 years experience of the company in the meat business have allow us to gain the trust of our client.

Team working : the collaboration between each department of the company is key in order to positively evolve as a whole.

. Fidelity :  our adaptation to the customers need have made evolve together to a win-win relationship.

. Food safety : guarantee the health standards and traceability of all our goods with the maximum transparence and control. 

. Expansion: positioning our products internationally to new foreign markets. 

. Innovation : being adapted continuously to all the market changes and its requirementes investing becoming more competitive.